Santa Cruz Kustom Club is Located at 58 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 2BX. Photo courtesy of Santa Cruz Kustom Club.

After nine years in the tattoo industry, Amy and Chris Meighan have ventured into new territory, moving from the Raploch and moving Santa Cruz Kustom Club to the heart of Stirling’s City Centre. 

Santa Cruz is a stand out from its neighbors on Murray Place. The sleek, bold exterior welcomes guests to the talent behind its studio doors. Opened in September, the studio is led by Chris Meighan, who hand-picked all of the award-winning artists on staff.

Amy and Chris Meighan, owners of Santa Cruz Kustom Club. Photo courtesy of Amy and Chris Meighan.

Chris continues to expand his career in the tattoo industry choosing the studio’s current location in the city center to establish Santa Cruz Kustom Club as the premiere tattoo studio in Stirling.



Chris began his tattooing career with humble beginnings, studying art after highschool before transitioning into the army. While in the army he began to blend his background in art with his passion for tattoos. Developing his skill as a tattoo artist he began tattooing himself before moving on to his fellow soldiers.

Chris Meighan studied art before transitioning that training to tattooing.
Photo courtesy of Amy and Chris Meighan.

The studio’s name comes from Chris’ love for U.S. culture and the iconic skateboard brand, Santa Cruz Skateboards.   The influence of American skateboard culture is evident in the layout, with skateboards lining the walls and decks hand-painted by Meighan.

The studio houses three floors with six tattoo artists, laser removal, and new for the city center location, a full-time piercer. To round out the services provided, Santa Cruz also stocks a growing range of lifestyle clothing by brand 11 °, making it stand out from all tattoo studios in Stirling’s bustling city center.


By making itself a one-stop-shop Santa Cruz is quickly establishing itself as the crown jewel of the Stirling tattoo community. 

Portraits done in black and gray by Chris Meighan. Photo courtesy of Chris Meighan.

Many of the artists at Santa Cruz specialize in photorealism, both in black and gray and full-color, providing high-quality work that meets and often exceeds customer expectations. Although the studio does specialize in photorealism, Mark Love is the studio’s neo-traditional specialist, creating designs with bold lines and stunning detail.

Black and gray neo-traditional piece done by Mark Love. Photo courtesy of Mike Love via Instagram.

Chris and his staff provide such excellent work that the artists and studio have won multiple awards at tattoo conventions in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Liverpool.

The studio is currently looking for another artist to join its ranks to help alleviate the current waitlist, which has its first opening in March 2020.

While Santa Cruz is new to the city center it is hitting the ground running to ingratiate itself into the Stirling community. Beginning this Christmas Season the studio has partnered with Stirling Business Improvement Development (BID) and is participating in the Stirling Reindeer Trail.

The studio is hosting one of 20 hand-painted reindeer located throughout Stirling. Participants of the Reindeer Trail can collect a leaflet from Santa Cruz and other participating businesses, guiding them to the general areas where reindeer are located. Once all 20 have been found, they pop their completed form in the post or special ‘Santa Post Boxes’ in Thistles and Stirling Arcade for a chance to win an iPad.

Amy Meighan stated, “It’s nice to see all the kiddos coming into the shop to see the reindeer, and it’s good for us too. Allows for new people to come in and show that we aren’t gruff and tough like what most people think of tattooists. ”

Staff of Santa Cruz Kustom Club. (From left to right) Harris Meighan, Colin Hislop, Mark Love, Mike Myers, Alan Waddell, Chris Meighan, Amy Meighan, and Barry Welsh. Picture courtesy of Amy and Chris Meighan

Santa Cruz Kustom Club is located at 58 Murray Place, Stirling FK8 2BX, open Tuesday – Saturday.

Appointments can be made in person by scheduling a consultation with your preferred artist. Consultation appointments can be made via email or by calling the studio at 01786 357272