BrewDog’s Disaster of a Day

Faced with a publicity nightmare, BrewDog was today forced to cancel a week-long partnership with the American brewer Scofflaw.

BrewDogs Twitter response.

The Scottish brewer’s social media feed quickly turned sourer than their sourest beer, as it was revealed in a press release that the Atlanta based Scofflaw was promising a free beer to anyone that supported Trump. Not surprisingly the British public was less than pleased that the punk themed alternative brewer appeared to be pro right.

The reaction caused BrewDog to fly into a frenzy, ending the partnership, contacting the press, and stating on their Twitter that the release was announced without their knowledge or their consent, despite it being a partnership likely months in the work.

Even Scofflaw stated via their twitter that they had not consented to the release, and that it had been done on their behalf.

An hour later BrewDog sought to confirm their views of anti-hate by offering a free pint of either their Punk IPA, or any Headliner, to anyone who supports “LOVE” not hate.

This public reaction comes only a few days after Mr Trump’s well received UN speech that had the assembled World Leaders laughing along with him



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