Police Scotland Tweet anti-SNP message

Police officers in Edinburgh have been reminded to use social media ‘responsibly’ following an anti-independence tweet.

Earlier today the verified Edinburgh Police account tweeted: “I just added @scotlandinunion’s #Yawn badge as I am tired of the @theSNP still going on about #Indyref2.”

As well as tweeting the message, the official profile picture was changed to a yawn logo.

The Yawn campaign was launched by Scotland in Union – a Pro-UK group who don’t want to see Indy Ref 2.

As part of their campaign, the group have a page which you can use to automatically share the yawn message or image on social media.

The tweet is being treated as a mistake and both the picture and message have been removed.

Chief Inspector David Robertson said: “We are aware of this tweet and it was deleted immediately.”

Kaitlin Easton

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