12 years of ICW


Friday night is usually the night people go out to have a drink and a dance at some club they’ve been to too many times, repeating the same old night out as always. So what is there to do that’s a little different but still as exciting? I propose going to a show tonight, but not just any show; a wrestling one!

Today marks the 12-year anniversary of one of the fastest rising independent wrestling companies in the UK, Insane Championship Wrestling.

The company, which was founded by Mark Dallas in 2006 with a tiny show in a Maryhill community centre, has come a long way since then. Just last year the company put on a show to thousands of attending fans of the sport and company at the Hydro – one of the biggest shows an independent wrestling company has ever put on in the UK.

In true ICW fashion, they are hosting the anniversary show for all their loyal fans to attend, but also in the hope of gaining more by holding it at the Glasgow Student Union. This event is almost half the price to cater to any of those like-minded students and individuals who don’t want, nor have the funds, to spend a lot of money. The tickets are priced at £12.50.

The show will feature some of the original stars who helped put ICW on the map as an up and coming independent wrestling company such as Jack Jester, Dickie Divers, BT Gunn, Kay Lee Ray and Lionheart – the latter 3 also being stars of ITV’s World of Sport.

It will be the company’s first outing to this venue in Glasgow, their usual home being the Glasgow Garage, but with a card featuring championships, comedy and talented performers it is bound to be a success.

The show is titled ‘Get Him to the Union’ and will kick off 8:30pm tonight with doors opening at 8pm. So, if you are sick and tired of the same old routine, pop over to the Union to see what the hype is about.


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