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Kicking up a Storm with Taekwondo’s up-and-coming Stars

Ailsa Harvey & Harry McArthur


Martial arts are a variety of different sports that contain codified systems of combat. Originating in Asia and particularly prominent in China, Korea and Japan, the sport was practised to teach self-defence. As time has progressed it is used for military and law enforcement, mental and spiritual development and, most importantly for us, sport.

A lot of the techniques learned in one martial art can be transferrable with another, and there are no two more transferrable than kickboxing to taekwondo. Kickboxing is martial art that combines boxing with elements of karate, in particular, barefoot kicking. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasises kicking; this can be head height kicks, spinning-kicks, as well as other fast-kicking techniques.

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2018 Hockey World Cup Preview

Matthew Moffatt


The 14th edition of the Men’s Hockey World Cup kicks off today in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar. Two time defending champions Australia are favourites going into the tournament but will face tough competition from the world’s best in their bid to three-peat.

The event consists of sixteen teams which are split into four different groups. The top teams from each group will directly qualify for the quarter finals whilst the second and third placed teams compete in playoffs to determine the other quarter final spots.

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PACE News caught up with Grant Sheldon to find out what it’s like being a professional triathlete:



From the Military to the Streets: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Using obstacles such as buildings and environmental structures, freerunning is not just a sport but a form of expression. Freerunners interact with these obstacles, performing various moves. These commonly include flipping and spinning. Some movements are adopted from sports such as gymnastics and breakdancing, but new moves can also be created.

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Scotland Win Curling European Championship

Matthew Moffatt


Scotland have been crowned Curling European Champions after beating defending champions Sweden in a tense repeat of last years final.

Scotland triumphed after capturing a steal of three when Sweden captain Edin’s last stone to tie the match was wide of the target. Scotland’s victory ended Sweden’s 10 match unbeaten streak.

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Motor Racing and its Future for the Disabled: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Motor racing has a variety of categories, including Formula, sports car, stock car, and off-road racing to name just a few. While each has their differences, the high speeds and competitive aspects of these adrenaline-packed races all create a similar buzz, which many competitors live for.

The sport has existed ever since cars were invented, with  races recorded as early 1867: these competitions began as reliability trials for new cars, to prove that they were suitable modes of transport. By the 1930s, cars specifically designed for racing had developed.

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We visited the Oriam at Heriot Watt University to watch a game of walking football and speak to the guys about what it is all about.



Diving into Underwater Hockey: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Underwater hockey, also referred to as Octopush, is essentially a game of hockey played on the floor of a swimming pool. Two teams go head-to-head to move a move across the bottom of a pool with a hockey stick; the aim being to get the puck in the opposing team’s goal.

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PACE News caught up with Ian Brown as he was about to embark on his first ‘Ultra Marathon’. While a seasoned runner himself, this gruelling 57km endurance race was nothing like he had ever done before. Watch below to find out why he decided to test himself, and what tips he would give to anybody thinking the same.

Walking in a Football Wonderland

Harry McArthur


One of the highlights of my childhood was rushing home from school, throwing on a football kit and rushing out to the park to have a kick-about with my friends. This carried on to my teenage days, and nowadays I still have a kick-about with mates once a week. All good things come to an end and one day I’ll have to hang up the boots.

However, that may be further in the future than I once thought. I went along to watch a game of walking football at Oriam, Heriot Watt’s sports complex, and spoke to the guys about what walking football is all about.

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