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British Freediving: Knowing your Limits

Ailsa Harvey


For many, breathing is an essential component in their method for remaining calm. But how do you keep composed when deep underwater with no oxygen, for up to seven minutes? How do you push yourself to your limit without going too far?

Freediving is a form of diving without the use of any breathing apparatus. Competitors can specialise in a range of disciplines in both deep diving and pool diving. I caught up with five British freedivers to find out why they chose this underwater sport and learn how they value safety in the sport.

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Project Pacific: The First Thousand

Ailsa Harvey


51-year-old Ben Lecomte has reached the 1,000 nautical mile mark in his bid to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean.

The Frenchman, who became the first swimmer to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard in 1998, set off on his new mission in June. Since leaving the shores of Japan, he has spent around eight hours a day in the water, averaging thirty miles in each session.

So far, the open water swimmer has encountered both physical and environmental challenges. These include bouts of seasickness, life-threatening typhoons, tropical storms, countless plastic pollution, predatory sharks and more.

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Phoebe Strachan: Becoming a successful surfer in Scotland

Ailsa Harvey

Phoebe Strachan moved from Edinburgh to Thurso with a dream to one day hold the title of ‘Scottish Women’s Surfing Champion’. In April of this year the 22-year-old did exactly that.

After striving for this result for five years and securing the position of runner-up in the previous year, Phoebe’s victory at the Scottish National Surfing Championships definitely qualifies as her proudest moment to date.

“It felt absolutely awesome if a little surreal.” she says. “I had wanted it for so long so I think to finally win it I felt like I had achieved my goal. When I was standing on the podium I was actually just worrying that they would make me do a speech and I really couldn’t think of what I’d say.”

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