Harry McArthurHarry McArthur: Editor

I am a massive fan of all things sports and I predominantly write about winter sports for PACE. My favourite mainstream sports are football and American football. During my time with PACE my favourite new sport that I have uncovered is dog sledding. A mix of sport and dogs? Sign me up!

Ailsa HarveyAilsa Harvey: Deputy Editor & Social Media Manager

I am a Cardiff girl, who often spends her spare time heading to the coast with her surfboard to play in the waves. A keen photographer and writer, I take pride in portraying stories with both pictures and words. I love that you can snap a shot and capture so much action, emotion and meaning in less than a second. I enjoy discovering new and upcoming sports and hope to enlighten our readers to how diverse the sporting world can be.

Matthew MoffattMatthew Moffatt: Content Producer

My name is Matthew and I have a sports addiction. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with natural athletic ability so I feed my addiction by watching and writing about as many sports as I can. I am a huge football and basketball fan but I am always falling in love with new sports.

Kyle BrownKyle Brown: Graphic Designer

Sport has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, and through the years I’ve competitively played football, basketball, baseball and darts. Uncovering and learning about all the different sports out there in the world has been fascinating. While I thoroughly love writing, I’m still holding out hope of getting a phone call from Real Madrid to go and play.

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