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Caitlin Connor: GB’s youngest Ice Climb Team member

Harry McArthur

Sitting upstairs in the Glasgow Climbing centre I was greeted by an excitable dog, and equally excitable owner; Caitlin Connor. Caitlin is currently the youngest member of GB’s Ice Climbing team, after joining the team over a year ago at only 15 years of age. She spoke passionately and confidently about her experiences in both ice climbing, as well as rock climbing, so far.

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Sport of the Day- Biathlon


Ailsa Harvey

This olympic winter sport is a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Taking place in race format, the biathlete with the shortest total time wins.

Racers ski accross hilly terrain, stopping at fixed targets in order to shoot. If a shot is missed in the shooting, either extra time is added to the contestant’s result or a further distance is enforced.

There are many challenging aspects to be considered in the sport, such as the control in breathing required to shoot the target following the demanding ski course.

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Phoebe Strachan: Becoming a successful surfer in Scotland

Ailsa Harvey

Phoebe Strachan moved from Edinburgh to Thurso with a dream to one day hold the title of ‘Scottish Women’s Surfing Champion’. In April of this year the 22-year-old did exactly that.

After striving for this result for five years and securing the position of runner-up in the previous year, Phoebe’s victory at the Scottish National Surfing Championships definitely qualifies as her proudest moment to date.

“It felt absolutely awesome if a little surreal.” she says. “I had wanted it for so long so I think to finally win it I felt like I had achieved my goal. When I was standing on the podium I was actually just worrying that they would make me do a speech and I really couldn’t think of what I’d say.”

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Sport of the Day – BMX Racing

Ailsa Harvey

BMX is an abbreviation for bicycle motocross. There are two forms of competitive BMX; racing and freestyle.

BMX races are off-road sprint races which take place on single-lap tracks. The extreme sport is highly dangerous as riders travel at around 30 mph and collisions with other racers are far from uncommon. Contact in the sport is legal but not recommended.

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Sport of the Day- Surfing

Ailsa Harvey

 Tokyo 2020 will see the sport’s Olympic debut with 40 surfers expected to compete for medals, but how much do you know about surfing? How often have you seen it feature in sports news?
Surfing is a surface water sport, first observed by British explorers at Tahiti in 1767. The sport involves incredible balance to be able to ride powerful waves while executing maneuvers such as turns and cutbacks towards the breaking wave.

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