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Motor Racing and its Future for the Disabled: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Motor racing has a variety of categories, including Formula, sports car, stock car, and off-road racing to name just a few. While each has their differences, the high speeds and competitive aspects of these adrenaline-packed races all create a similar buzz, which many competitors live for.

The sport has existed ever since cars were invented, with  races recorded as early 1867: these competitions began as reliability trials for new cars, to prove that they were suitable modes of transport. By the 1930s, cars specifically designed for racing had developed.

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Bowled Over by Boccia: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Boccia is one of only two Paralympic sports to not have a counterpart in the Olympics. A sport related to bowls, boccia sees athletes with severe physical disabilities taking part. In 1984 it was introduced to the Olympic Games and although it was originally designed for athletes with cerebral palsy, it is now played by athletes with many other disabilities affecting motor skills.

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