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We visited the Oriam at Heriot Watt University to watch a game of walking football and speak to the guys about what it is all about.



Walking in a Football Wonderland

Harry McArthur


One of the highlights of my childhood was rushing home from school, throwing on a football kit and rushing out to the park to have a kick-about with my friends. This carried on to my teenage days, and nowadays I still have a kick-about with mates once a week. All good things come to an end and one day I’ll have to hang up the boots.

However, that may be further in the future than I once thought. I went along to watch a game of walking football at Oriam, Heriot Watt’s sports complex, and spoke to the guys about what walking football is all about.

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Women’s Football and its Aim for Equality: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Football, or soccer, is the largest growing sport being played by women around the globe, with major national and international competitions enabling female footballers to play at professional level. But how bumpy was the road to professionalism in women’s football? And how does football for men and women compare today?

One of the first European teams was founded by Nettie Honeyball in England, 1894, and was called the ‘British Ladies’ Football Club’. It was this team which helped to influence many women to take up the sport. However, they didn’t have everybody’s support. When women’s football first emerged, it wasn’t accepted by the British football associations as they believed this rise posed a threat to the game’s ‘masculinity’.

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