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Fencing and its Future: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Fencing, one of the first sports to ever appear in the Olympic Games, has three forms in the modern game. These forms include foil, épée and sabre and each uses a different kind of weapon. Competitive fencers usually specialise in one of these weapons, but the foil is generally regarded as the best weapon to begin learning with.

Derived from duelling, fencing originally emerged from the development of sword fighting for self-defence. The sport is played on a strip (2m by 12m long) and the aim is to score ‘hits’ or ‘touches’ on your opponent using one of the three weapons. These touches are recorded electronically by the players body wires because of how fast-paced the action is.

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Sport of the Day – Dressage

Ailsa Harvey


This equestrian sport involves the training of horses, to execute precise movements by using subtle signals from the rider. ‘Dressage’ is derived from the French word for ‘training’ and is loosely described as a “horse ballet”.

The purpose of the sport is said to be to develop a horse’s natural athletic ability and showcase their “willingness to perform”. Competitors aim to be able to control the animal while appearing relaxed, with the horse performing the required movements.

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Sport of the Day – Water Skiing

Ailsa Harvey


You may have encountered water skiing in its recreational form, but have you ever seen a water ski competition?

Water skiing is a surface water sport involving an individual being pulled at high speeds behind a boat, whilst on one or two skis. The skier needs good balance and great upper body strength to stay upright on the water.

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