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Dog Sledding- Dogs and sports; what’s not to love?

Harry McArthur


The rules and equipment required for dog sledding are available at the bottom of the article, so if you are unsure on any of the technical terms used have a look down there!


I would have been shocked if a matter of weeks ago someone told me that they could blend together two of my favourite things in life. After some searching I found it; a combination of sports and dogs. Dog sledding. To find out more about dog sledding I caught up with the social media manager of the SDAS (Sled Dog Association of Scotland), Ashleigh Dean, for some details on the sport.

“Dog sledding is not one of the first sports you think of in Scotland or the UK, but over the last few years it has grown a lot. In many other countries, dog sled sports are recognized and for some countries it is part of their culture and history.

“Many people are under the impression that the sport is only done on a sled, on snow, for miles and miles, so can’t really be done in Britain. In Scotland we get a chance to do some of our training using a sled on snow, but the majority of our races are completed on a rig. In Britain we mostly focus on sprint distances. So speed more than mileage, as trails for distance are hard to come by.”

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Skim through today’s Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Skimboarding is a board sport which involves gliding along the water’s surface while standing on a board. A skimboard is smaller than a surfboard and has no fins.

In skimboarding competitions, competitors ride out towards the breaking waves, and turn to ride the wave back to shore. Wave-riding skimboarders perform a range of different manoeuvres on the water surface and in the air to gain points. In order to ride out to the breaking waves, the rider needs to be travelling with as much speed as possible to continue skimming in the deeper water. To do this they need to run fast on the beach before jumping onto the board.

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Cutting Edge Action: Timbersports World Championships 2018

Matthew Moffatt


 This Friday and Saturday (19th-20th October), the Echo Arena in Liverpool will play host to the Stihl Timbersports World Championships. Described as “the most exciting sport you’ve never heard of”, it is the major league of lumberjack sports.

The World Championships are being held here in the UK for the very first time this month. The sport celebrates pioneer skills and has grown in popularity since the official Stihl Timbersports series was launched in 1985. It has a massive global fan-base, who follow the original extreme sport around the world. Their next stop: Liverpool.

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Sport of the Day – Dressage

Ailsa Harvey


This equestrian sport involves the training of horses, to execute precise movements by using subtle signals from the rider. ‘Dressage’ is derived from the French word for ‘training’ and is loosely described as a “horse ballet”.

The purpose of the sport is said to be to develop a horse’s natural athletic ability and showcase their “willingness to perform”. Competitors aim to be able to control the animal while appearing relaxed, with the horse performing the required movements.

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Sport of the Day – Water Skiing

Ailsa Harvey


You may have encountered water skiing in its recreational form, but have you ever seen a water ski competition?

Water skiing is a surface water sport involving an individual being pulled at high speeds behind a boat, whilst on one or two skis. The skier needs good balance and great upper body strength to stay upright on the water.

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