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Getting Scotland Rolling

Kyle Brown


Roller derby is a contact sport that originated out of America and now has roots worldwide. A typical ‘bout’ consists of two teams of up to 15, with 5 on the oval track at any given point – 1 ‘jammer’ (identified by a star on their helmet) and 4 ‘blockers’. A jammers job is to lap members of the opposition team and will score points in the process, whereas, as the name suggests, it is the duty of the blockers to prevent that.

With rollerblading an activity many people grew up with, it’s surprising that a competitive sport such as roller derby hasn’t had much exposure or attention. But here at PACE News, we caught up with the team at Scottish Roller Derby to find out more!

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Get Your Skates On: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey

Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating which involves competitors racing on the ice. There are different distances to compete at: long track speed skating, short track speed skating and marathon speed skating. The standard rink for long track is 400 meters long, but sometimes shorter tracks are used.

The first sign of speed skating can be traced back over a millennium to Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Netherlands, where natives added bones to their shoes and skated across frozen bodies of water. Ice skating is thought to always have been an activity of joy rather than transport.

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