And the Golden Spoon goes to…

“Stop being so dramatic!” – my friends tell me every time I overreact a little when my favourite coffee shop runs out of my favourite syrup. I bet I am not the only person who hears that daily. But imagine being told – “Hey, can you be a little bit more dramatic? Seriously, a bit more passion!”

There is a place at the University of Stirling where you can be the biggest drama queen and no one will ever try to shut you up. If you still have no idea what I am talking about then I will give you another clue: it brings together young and talented thespians.

If ‘thespian’ is still unknown and scary word for you (like it was for me) I will make your life easier:

Thes•pi•an  (ˈθɛs pi ən)

1. pertaining to tragedy or to the dramatic art in general

2. an actor or actress.

Yes, it is Stirling University Drama Society and it is more than just acting. It allows anyone who is interested in performing arts, directing, producing, scriptwriting, set designs, costume and make up to show and develop their ideas and talents.

Improvisation, comedy and scriptwriting workshops with guest speakers and alumni are just a small part of what SUDS do. With their new president Ainya Taylor ahead, the society is planning several Open Stage events and three plays this academic year. First of them will be Perfect Days with the premier date on the 1st of November and which will hopefully be as successful as their previous shows – Twelfth Night and August: Osage County.

Even though it seems like a lot of work, rehearsing and workshopping, with so many creative and imaginative people in one place, SUDS life is never dull or boring. They have organised such events as The Great Gatsby themed fundraiser and Casino Royale party. And if you are not much into glamour, their next social will be dedicated to iconic Scottish sitcom Still Game.

So…ye comin’, aye?

To top this all up, SUDS has its own awards ceremony, which does not let anyone feel like Leo DiCaprio felt for years – unappreciated and undervalued. Golden Spoons are awarded to the best actress, actor, director, best scene, best hair, costume and the biggest heart every year.

With so much on, it looks like Drama Society is one of the busiest and the best societies for students who are free on Tuesday evenings and have an immense need to be on a stage (or backstage).

For more information, check out their Facebook page, email president Ainya or if you are really a Post-Millennial – tweet them. Follow SUDS on Instagram for more colourful pictures from rehearsals and events. And if that is still not enough they have a YouTube channel as well!