Monthly Archive: October 2017


Ed’s Stirling Adventure

The University of Stirling is a diverse and multicultural university with staff and students from across the globe. In the spirit of this internationalism, I wanted to attempt something a little bit out-with the...


Great Things Happen to Those Who Swim

Swimming has been around for ages as it was created by man to survive. No wonder, as seawater covers 71% of the entire Earth’s surface. Nowadays, swimming is a way of exercising the body...


I’m here For the Beat!

There’s a reason why the Stirling University is Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence. As training grounds to Olympic and Commonwealth successors, its sophisticated sports facilities are rightly boasted. For a student like myself however, who is unblessed with any particular sporting...


Give Fun A Go!

As a recovering anti-socialite, I did not expect that getting sweaty with a bunch of strangers would be the highlight of my week. Nor did I foresee becoming a real-life robin hood, ready to...

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Pump it up, girls!

Body pump, weightlifting, barbells…if you are looking forward to reading about this, this article is probably not for you. If those words made you cringe, this article is most likely for you! Before you...

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