Monthly Archive: December 2016


Feel the Nature in Scotland!

If you are looking for fabulous outdoor experience, this is the club for you. Come and join us on Monday meeting at 7pm at Lecture Theater A1, Cottrell Building. Just let us know where you want...


Fun facts and cocktails

Have you always been afraid to look ridiculous while conversing in society? I think most of us have. In case this statement does not make you feel better (it doesn’t? really?), you can still...


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, what better way to get in the festive mood than visiting a Christmas market? Giving us a well-earned break from the last-minute rush to finalise assignments,...



THE GOOD NEWS   Most times, people are challenged with various life’s obstacles and are left with little or no options than to seat back and wonder, when will all this come to an...


Write like a Champ

  Writing is something that we all have to do at university. But only some of us can write about our passion. At its heart journalism is not about power grabbing media tycoons, sharp...

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