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Writing is something that we all have to do at university. But only some of us can write about our passion.
At its heart journalism is not about power grabbing media tycoons, sharp suited editors, or phone tapping reporters. It’s about people like you, painting a portrait using only your words, and telling stories in a way only you can.


My Journey with Brig
In my third year, I started to get writers block – as a result of having a heavier workload, and more intense pressure to achieve good marks. Soon “writer’s block” became a dirty word – something which I knew was there, but could not afford to recognise.



Beginning to write with Brig Newspaper in the 2015 spring semester gave me an outlet for things which I wanted to write about, and also gave me ability to break through my writers block. I had always been interested in sport, and covering sport at the Scottish University for Sporting Excellence was very satisfying.



As a sports writer – and then sports editor –  for Brig I have interviewed former Formula 1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart (pictured below), Stirling’s Olympic swimmer Ross Murdoch,  as well as a variety of remarkable student athletes with their own fascinating stories to tell.

(Photo: George Vekic)

With the experience I was able to free up my imagination, and apply the same methods to any sort of writing that I did.
So besides the enjoyment and satisfaction of writing about what I loved for a well-respected publication, I also enhanced my CV, while developing my ability to write engaging content about academic topics which didn’t stimulate the same passion.



Why Brig wants you!
Some sections in the online and print newspaper (see link to articles below) cater to specific interests, such as sport and politics. However, the editing team at Brig is always keen to bring in people with new interests. Sections such as features, comment, culture, university, and lifestyle, are built entirely on the interests of its writers.
Besides the enhanced confidence in your writing, Brig aims to hand down specialised skills to all of its writers. To write newspaper articles one must consider how to create an attractive design and layout. The Brig committee is committed to giving you the tools to become more independent and creative.


Our next event – Monthly Social


The whole Brig team will be out for the monthly social on Thursday.

Besides having a drink and a laugh, we also use the time to discuss new ideas in a chilled out environment. We encourage all those who want to write to come. You will be introduced to the whole team, and you can talk to whoever you please about your interest.

We will be meeting in front of the MacRobert Centre on campus, before we get a bus into town at 8pm.
If that is not your thing we also do a weekly coffee session in Starbucks underground on Friday at 5pm.

Come to our next meeting

The weekly writers’ meetings are held on Tuesday from 7pm-8pm.

The meeting is usually help in Cottrell A9 or A11, however the room allocation can change depending on circumstances. Visit the Brig social media pages (listed below) for updates on any changes.


Follow the link (https://www.stirlingstudentsunion.com/clubssocieties/howtojoin/) to the union website to purchase a clubs and societies membership, and then a Brig membership.

Brig Newspaper membership costs £8. Add on the necessary Clubs and Societies membership at £5 and you can get access to a highly professional platform with which you can express your passion, obtain specialist skills, and develop your organisational, teamwork, and communication skills for just £13.

Once you click on the link above, chover over the “clubs and societies button and the click on the “A – Z of clubs & societies”. When you reach the list page, click on the Brig logo (see an example above) and then you have to login by clicking on the link on the top left of the page. Then you will have the option to purchase membership.


Editor-in-Chief: Dan Vevers (editor@brignews.com)
Deputy Editor: Ross Brannigan (deputyeditor@brignews.com)

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