Most times, people are challenged with various life’s obstacles and are left with little or no options than to seat back and wonder, when will all this come to an end. Some keep struggling to stay on track with their visions and goals regardless the confrontations of life while some others simply give up. Then comes the question, what is life all about? This question seems not to have an answer, but at the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, we not only give you the answer but also the proof.

At the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, we answer life’s challenging questions and give advice to as many as have come to us, who were either hurt or not sure of what decisions to take and are in need of counseling. We are a group of spiritual students that have come to understand the world beyond the earth realm through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. We know that there is a God Who created the Universe and that He came to this world and died for our sins so we could have an intimate relationship with Him. He is called Jesus Christ. This is why we are able to give in-depth details with proofs and living witnesses that there is more to this world than the challenges that come daily, the diseases that kill many, the wars and evil all over the world. These answers we give has not only saved and changed our lives but also the lives of as many as have come to us seeking Jesus. It is spiritual and it’s only when one comes in contact with the supernatural realm of life, that they can grasp the esistence of our God Who created the human race and the entire universe for His pleasure and thus understand that He desires our fellowship. This why it is called a fellowship (communion, relationship, partnership). It is place where we come to worship the True, Living and Loving Jesus. We also study His Word and engage in discussions and questions to better understand our Maker and His divine plans for our lives on earth after which we conclude with refreshments.

The Fellowship was established in 2012 by the City of God Stirling to minister the message of the eternal salvation in Jesus Christ to all the students of Stirling, answering all questions about creation and Jesus Christ, preaching the Good News all over campus, giving advice to anyone in need, praising and worshipping Jesus. The President of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, John Oloyede believes that the success of the Fellowship is due to it’s unique vision of leading all the students of the University of Stirling to the knowledge of Christ through their encounter with our spiritual and eternal life-giving news and a mission of giving them a selfless heart to extend same knowledge and hope received from the Good News to everyone they meet outside the University. He believes that if this present generation’s youth are equipped with the knowledge of Love (Jesus Christ) and with the right way of living (extending that Love), the world will not only be induced with leaders that spread love and life but also hope in Christ for eternal life after death. This is the Good News.

 We invite all students to come and join us in any of our meetings on Friday at Ian King Room in the Student Union, after the Chaplaincy by 6pm and we would tell you ALL that you need to know about Jesus Christ and eternal life so much so that with yourself as a proof, you will have no option than to pay the £5 Student Union membership fee and thus become a member of this unique life supporting and change bringing group. Meanwhile, more information about us can be accessed on our Facebook page or on the Student’s Union website.

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