Monthly Archive: November 2016


From Grain to Glass

Scotland is quite often associated with breathtaking sceneries, bagpipe tunes and men in skirts – but it’s also the home of Scotch whisky and host to the greatest concentration of distilleries in the world. The International Society...


Rhythm is Gonna Get You!

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of the semester than partying with your friends to the rhythm of the Scottish folk music! The 24th November the International Society held its annual and...


Take more chances, dance more dances

I am in the middle of the atrium hall. My watch says it is 6:20, and I look around with confusion. Fortunately, this doesn’t last long, because my eyes immediately catch the flock of...


Come taste the difference

Chocolate? With strawberry icing or without? Or maybe a chocolate-caramel cookie? You can’t decide? Neither could I. That’s why I bought 3 cupcakes! But no guilt ladies and gentlemen, as it is for a...


Be a Light in Dark Places

The Volunteering Society leaves no stone unturned to raise funds for the charities in a unique way as possible. The campaingn organised by the Volunteering Society this Tuesday the “CAN-PAIGN” drive for the Start Up...


How to Rock Your Christmas Party

Corporate events can be great fun! Especially corporate Christmas parties are usually marked with thick red crosses in employees’ calendars. Each year and in every organisation, one part of these events is never missing:...

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