Fun facts and cocktails


Have you always been afraid to look ridiculous while conversing in society?

I think most of us have.
In case this statement does not make you feel better (it doesn’t? really?), you can still learn some fun facts on 9gag.

This way you can make sure you have a few memorised to throw in during a conversation!

Why am I bringing up this fear of not shining in society? Because it is pretty common and mostly because we have our annual Public Speaking Society Cocktail Party next Thursday, November the 24th!

It will be the last meeting of the semester! Yes, already. As a consequence we will ask you to fill in a little feedback sheet so we can continue to improve the society’s meetings. It’s a tiny sheet, we promise!

It will take place in Pathfoot cafeteria from 7pm to 9pm. As you know the team does as much as they can to immerse you in some practical cases and we would like you to come dressed up!
It will be even more enjoyable if everybody gets involved. Of course, a suit is not mandatory but a shirt will be gladly appreciated. This being addressed to men and women, it is the 21st century after all!

The evening will proceed almost as usual. There will be warm-up games, prepared speeches and some group exercises. But all the subjects of this evening’s program will be linked to social and formal events and there will be no improvisations.
You’ll get why when you’re there!

The evening is free for the Public Speaking Society’s members and a 5£ fee will be asked to other students.
Please make sure you tell us if you’re coming or not by the end of this week, Sunday the 20th of November.

Looking forward to seeing you all dressed fancy for our last Public Speaking Society meeting of the semester!


P.S: Did you know unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it?

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