Be the best version of yourself!

Successful People

Become a confident speaker and increase your success with the Public Speaking Society at the Stirling University! 

Three out of four individuals suffer from anxiety of speaking in public. Even if is not your case it is possible that you might have some trouble when it comes to having a speech in front of an It’s not just about the speech itself; from the tone of the voice to the gesture, there are several elements that transform a shy conversation into a successful discourse.

You don’t need to be a politician or the CEO of a big company; being a good speaker is a crucial skill that can let you being at the top in the everyday life. The world itself is a big society and we need to interact with the others the most of the time. No matter if your conversation will be more or less formal, it is important to be able to face any situation and being a clever communicator is a powerful tool that can influence deeply your impact on the listeners.

So, if you’re no longer that convinced you don’t need to improve it, no worries because at the University of Stirling you can join the Public Speaking Society and become one of the best speakers ever!

12919923_524208254448600_4071514755782648648_nThe society is run by undergraduate students full of energy and charisma. It’s hard not to be conditioned by their vivacious attitudes. A wide variety of tasks and games let the participants be directly involved with the rest of the group: from the warm up game, to the improvisational speech, you’ll have the golden opportunity to improve your confidence and have so much fun!

Moreover, the society is getting every day more practical for its members; indeed, everyone is excitedly invited to present in front of the community speeches and oral tasks they’ll have to study for their university courses.

The environment is really inspiring with all the guys ready to help each other by correcting mistakes and by sharing useful tips you’ll find essential for boosting your talent. Get ready to be surprised by how many advantages you’ll take by being a good speaker!

So, what are you waiting for? Meetings take place every Monday and the staff is always keen to welcome new people. For further information visit the society’s Facebook page or take a look at the Stirling Student’s Union webpage.

There’s no time for uncertainty and hesitation. Don’t be shy, just be the best version of yourself!


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