When desire is greater than the fear

4au-0hp-pg0The Stirling University Creative Writing Society meets each Monday at 7.30 for two hours. People there discuss, criticized and practiced writing. I can imagine what you are thinking about right now or maybe you are even frightened of my words. I hasten to reassure you. The society is very friendly and the most important it is very useful for anyone who has even a tiny desire to write.

Albeit, it is not secret, the first step towards the dream was not easy for me also. I was spurred by little journalistic experience, which I had in the past, by an attractive image of Hank Moody, who is a novelist at “Californication” TV-series, and by few stories with the common endings “it was all just a dream” in my computer.

Here I am. With my pen and notebook. I don’t think I need it at my first class. But still… The society’s president Matthew is appearing near a computer. He quickly introduced other leaders of the society and began to talk about the society itself. From his words, I understand that nothing horrible waits for me. No one will force me to write. Instead, everyone voluntarily can send his or her piece of work to the society’s email and then at the next class, all will discuss it and the author will get a feedback. In addition, members have the opportunity to be published in the annual society’s anthology.

This is perhaps a good start, for which it is worth trying. After all, not ordinary you have the opportunity to publish your piece of work, then buy a book with the text and maybe even give it to someone. My ambitions are beginning to paint a rainbow picture of brilliant writer’s future in my mind and carry me far, far away from the classroom.

In the meantime, the task appears on my desk. Fortunately, it is group work. Otherwise, it could be very scary to write something on the first day alone.

They gave us books’ covers, using which we must sketch the alleged plot of the book. It should be mentioned, it was quite funny and not scary at all. With only one cover and title, you can come up with dozens of stories.


Such type of work is typical tasks for each creative writing society. After all, the goal of the society is not just to read what you wrote, but first and foremost, to help timid beginners to start writing and advanced writers to improve their skills.

I hope, you are not longer afraid of the first step towards your secret dream. You can contact the society through the Facebook page, and read about the past and coming events there as well. In general, buy a nice notebook, reliable pen and come!