Feel the Nature in Scotland!


If you are looking for fabulous outdoor experience, this is the club for you. Come and join us on Monday meeting at 7pm at Lecture Theater A1, Cottrell Building. Just let us know where you want to go and share your experience with us. This blog post features on our activities and events.



Hill Walks

On Saturdays and Sundays, we go out for hikes and treks to the nearby hills in Scotland. Let’s take a break and go out for a change. You can feel the nature of Scotland – fresh air near the loch, hearing birds singing, meeting squirrels playing here and there in the woods. We select courses suitable for beginners, so feel free to join!


Wall Climbing

The Peak at Sports Village is a nice place for polishing up your skills. mn_4We practice rock climbing here in groups once a week. You do not need to buy the equipment. You can rent everything you need to experience climbing. The centre has a trainer, and we have an expert in our club and shows you “the ropes”, depending on the level of your skills. After learning the basics, you will have an opportunity to experience a real wall out in Stirling.



Mountain Hikesmn_3

While England and Wales have just a few mountains, Scotland has more than fifty mountains that are over 1,000 meters. Highlands are known for its stunning beauty with placid lochs and high mountains. Last year, we climbed up Cobbler, Central Peak, 884m, one of the best-known mountains in Scotland. Some experts in our members challenge the peak of the foreign mountains. Interestingly, Ben Nevis, the highest in the UK gains one meter thanks to GPS height measurement (from BBC News).


Winter Mountains

Winter mountains gives you fun and thrill that you cannot experience in other mn_5seasons. Although it may cost a lot for buying equipment (Ice Ax, Spikes, wears, etc.), it offers you something priceless. You can enjoy not only climbing but also ice wall climbing, skiing, sledging, snowboading, and more. This is suitable for the advanced level and some experience of hikes in high mountain is required. But you do not need to worry about it, we will have the opportunity to do training for winter mountains during the summer season.




We think highly of “bonding” as a group. Friendship is what we cherish most, because when in trouble in the mn_6mountains, we have to help each other. There are lots of social events and parties where members come together, share their stories, exchange ideas and skills and strengthen ties and membership. Every year we hold a Christmas party, enjoying some snacks and drinks. We also come together to exchange ideas and skills for mountain hikes. We will update events on our Facebook.



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