Feel the breeze at the top !

Mountaineering – Expand your Horizon in Nature!

Welcome to Mountaineering Club!


(Ben Nevis: Pixabay)

If you are looking for fabulous outdoor experience, this is the club for you.


On Saturdays and Sundays, we go out for hikes and treks in Scotland and throughout the country. Let’s take a break and go out for a change. You can feel the nature of Scotland – breatheing a fresh air near the lake, hearing birds singing, meeting squirrels playing here and there in the woods.


Fortunately, the campus is surrounded by green fields and lakes, hills and mountains, and Scotland has more that offer you great adventurous (thrilling?) experiences. Why don’t we explore our outdoor experiences in this great place – Scotland!


While England and Wales have just a few mountains, Scotland has more than fifty mountains that are over 1,000 meters.  Highlands are known for its stunning beauty with placid lochs and mountains. No wonder Scotland is a magnet that attracts hikers from around the world. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK (also, the brand name of the high-quality Scottish Whisky), is located near Fort William, about 90 km north west from Stirling. A stunning scenary from the top is waiting for your challenge.


(View from the path on the way to Ben Nevis: Pixabay)

Top Five highest mountains in the UK are –

  1. Ben Nevis – 1,346 m
  2. Ben Macdui – 1,309 m
  3. Braeriack – 1,296 m
  4. Caim Toul – 1,291 m
  5. Sgòr an Lochain Uaine – 1,258m

Do you know that all these mountains are in Scotland!



You can’t miss this great opportunity to challenge those mountains while you are here in Stirling.  Long and hard walk up to the top not only trains your mustles but also gives you confidence in overcoming hurdles in life. A sense of achievement is what we, Mountaineering Club is pursuing and want to appreciate together with you at the top.

Beginners are also welcomed! There are some easy trails that you can enjoy in a day, like Dumyat by the hill. It may make you a bit sweat but nothing can beat the feeling of the breeze at the top!  Come and join us on Monday meeting at 7pm at Lecture Theater A1, Cottrell Building. Just let us know where you want to go and share your experience with us.


                                                                             (The hill nearby the campus)

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