Seeing the bigger picture


Walking around the Uni, holding a bucket for hours long, while sweating and dehydrating doesn’t sound at all appealing. Why bother then?Oh well, easy answer: Volunteering can change your life! Aristotle definitely agrees.”The essence of life is to serve others and do good.”

There is nothing like giving back and helping others. Are you male or female? The Volunteering Society doesn’t care. Same people-same reactions-same goal. I could not help but notice, everytime someone made a donation either staff or students,that huge smile meaning success. And the volunteering society did it again! Raised¬†¬£62.80 in just 5 hours for the British Heart Foundation!

“A bucket full of heart”

Becoming a member, automatically means team work and interaction. Getting out of your comfort zone, reaching out to people you’ve never met before, persuading them to donate for a good cause, is a start to boost your self-confidence. Remember though, you are not alone!The volunteers have got your back.

Need to say more?Are you looking to fill in your CV and exploring career options? This is the place for you. It is is actual work experience! You even get a certificate.

Are you still considering it? Now is your chance. Make a difference and join! Drop in by the Atrium on Tuesday from 10-4 p.m and discover yourself. When it comes to volunteering, the more the merrier. Plus you get a free T-shirt!

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