Create a Sustainable Future with Us!


Do you know how many plastic bags are used in the world a year?

It is 1 trillion, 200 millions per minute!

Do you know how many plastic wastes are leaking to the ocean every year?

It is 8 million tons a year, enough to cover 12 times the size of Glasgow, with ankle depth!

85% of plastic wastes come from economically growing Asian counries, like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

UK discharges 0.2 million tons a year. 

What will happen if we do not take any intervention?

The leakage will increase to 35 million tons a year in 2035. This means more garbage than fish are in the ocean– Unbelievable!

How many animals are killed?

Plastic bags are silent killers. Over 1 millions of sea animals, like birds, whales, seals and sharks are died of indigestion caused by the plastic bags. They confuse plastic bags for foods. About 30 plastic bags were found from the stomach of the dead whale’s body in Norway, Feb, 2017.

Unless you dump plastic bags in the right place in Stirling, it may be blown into the River of Forth, and ends up entering the Atlantic Ocean and killing many animals. What’s worse, the plastic bags are not biodegradable, and eventually returns to humans. It crumbles into bits and discharge toxins that contaminate planktons and fish. Humans eat those contaminated sea foods and get toxins accumulated in their organs. – Plastics return to humans!

So, let’s say No to plastic bags!

Why don’t you join us and think about what we can do to construct sustainable future? How can we balance the economic growth of Asian countries, humans’ health and quality of life, and the protection of sea animals?

Sustainability is about balancing three components or triple bottom line – Economy (Profit), Social welfare (People), and Environment (Plant), which lies at the heart of our activities.

We, the Stirling University Greens, are the students social club for discussing unsustainable issues around us, like plastic bags, and think about ways to develop sustainble future. We want the club to be the place where you can stop by and share your thoughts, and raise your awareness of the warning signals from the animals and plants. We aim to push forward Green movement in Scotland, supporting Scottish Green Party’s vision for achieving greater social, economic, and environmental justice for Scotland.

Our goal is to generate grassroots energy that creates the brand image of Scotalnd as the place for sustainable development. We promote recycling campaign in and around univeristy, think about economic growth in terms of humans’ work-life balance, and climate change, and also discuss the issues of human rights and equality. We welcome everyone interested in those issues. The more members we have, the more influential we get to push the green trend forward and staight ahead.


Also we believe citizen’s involvement in the democratic decision making is vital to transform the society into sustainable place. So we arrange visits to Scotland Parliament to raise awareness about current unsustainable issues and think about the importance of being involved in the politics and expressing our voice constructively to change the society for the better. We also connect with other peer organizations – Scottish Green and Stirling Greens.


The society is also a great way for likeminded members to connect socially, exchange and discuss the issues they care about on a regular basis. It offers the opportunity to meet new people from across the UK and beyond in a relaxed, positive and friendly atmosphere. We are waiting for your walk-in. Contact us for more details via Stirling University Union and social media.


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