Ever Thought About Waterpolo?

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Picture a bright eyed and bushy tailed ‘fresher’ arriving at the University of Stirling for the very first time, she is pressured by her good friend to attend the Waterpolo Give It a Go (in between nights out and gruesome hangovers). Now fast forward 4 years, she has made lifelong friends, been battered black and blue (don’t believe them when they say it’s non-contact!), had the time of her life traveling with the team , oh yes and graduated as well of course. If you hadn’t guessed, the girl was me, and this is my story.


Whether you have recently joined the university or have been here for years, if you are looking for a new adventure this could be the activity for you. Before I arrived in Stirling I had no idea what Waterpolo was, and for that matter had no intention of finding out. However after been persuaded to give it a shot, I no longer resent my friend for the intense peer pressure, and would thoroughly recommend it.

Don’t consider yourself a mermaid?

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Not a swimmer? Not a problem! As long as you can float you are halfway there! The club is very welcoming and the training will get you fighting fit and ready to take on the enemy! Opps, I mean opposition.. In an unaggressive and friendly manner.

Had a hard day?

One thing I should mention about waterpolo perhaps, it is fabulous for working out those kinks after a stressful day. Been in seminars and labs all day and want a chance to just vent? This is the sport for you. Nothing works better to relieve stress than to chase down that girl that has been kicking water in your face all season, take the ball (gently obviously) and leave her in the dust, figuratively speaking.

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Enjoy a cheeky beverage with your friends?

If neither of the above reasons are appealing to you yet, keep reading there’s more!

This is one of the most sociable clubs I have encountered, with countless nights out (often directly connected to some utterly ridiculous themes,*insert cringe*), movie nights or study sessions, there is always something going on.

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Can you guess the theme here? “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Source: Facebook.com


A little history

A little research has shown me that the original game of waterpolo was carried out in the water whilst balancing on barrels, using wooden sticks to move the ball. Definitely going to suggest this exercise in training! This was due to the connection with the equestrian sport of Polo, at some point it was probably pointed out that there must be an easier way, and the game evolved. Over the years it has become the game we know today.

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Now who doesn’t want to try this?! Source: www.wfdd.org

For more information on the history click here.

The Rules

As they say on Thunder Road:

The rules are, there ain’t no rules..!

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I wish this was true, then I may not have spent as much time in the sin bin! Based on personal experience, I have taken this opportunity to attach an article below that will outline the rules. After 4 years of playing the sport I have to admit that I still do not have a clue what they all are (I hope my coach doesn’t read this, sorry Lewis!). What I have learned from this is that I need to work on my stealth tactics and not getting caught!

Waterpolo rules for dummies

The benefits (don’t worry this isn’t a health section)

My undergraduate experience would have been completely different if I had not joined this team. I made friends that I will have my whole life, I had an outlet for all my pre-assessment drama and I wasn’t as tired walking up stairs!

If for any reason this post hasn’t already got you running to join up (not that I can think of any), the university has many more clubs that may appeal to you more. So if waterpolo isn’t the sport for you, please have a look at the links below to other clubs that are available.

Although the far more likely outcome: I’ll see you all at training!

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Team photo 2014 Source: Facebook.com

Stirling University Waterpolo Facebook Page

University of Stirling Sports Clubs A-Z

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