Uni is like running a marathon

Sometimes Uni feels like running a marathon. Students have to deliver constantly high performance and it can happen that we run out of breath because of all the deadlines and assignments. It’s indeed demanding to develop personally and reach our full potential not only intellectually but also emotionally. Everyone has to find his personal path to escape from the stress in order to assure a good life balance which is essential for our well-being.

Personal stress management

I personally found my equilibrium because the best way I can disconnect from my daily student routine is to go running outsides in the Country Park of Plean. I love it because I can combine being in the nature, breathe the fresh air, put my favourite songs on and turn my head off. For me it is somehow a filter because I can simply forget about everything that oppresses me and I also get the best ideas while running.

There is only me and the trees.

I love nature, however, I like not only being among trees but also people and doing sports together. That’s how I got the idea to participate at the half-marathon in Barcelona at the 11th of February 2018 since I am enrolled in a Joint Degree with Barcelona and the University of Stirling. I thought it would be great to have a healthy and self-challenging project I can be looking forward to. So, the date is there and I want to make it good! I have to admit that at the beginning I was a bit nervous about it because I didn’t know how I could best tackle it. Therefore I needed an approach that helped me to be consequent in order to successfully reach my personal goal.

The thinking stage.

Reaching my goal

For those who do not know: A half-marathon consists of 21 km. Normally I run between 4 and 6 km, so I have to increase my productivity more than 3 times. This has to be done step by step if I do not want to punish my body too much and reach a long-lasting result. Since I will be running with thousands of people at the day of the official marathon, the best preparation is to train with more people and already simulate the situation. My plan was therefore to check on the University Homepage if there is a jogging class and I indeed found one. I think it is just wonderful to be able to combine my passion with getting active at University apart from going to classes and meeting new people who have the same interest.

Pure joy and excitement.

Preparation phase

There are two options. Either the 5k run which is not really suitable for me as I have to consider longer jogging routes. Or the 10k run which is intended for people that want to train for a racing event — so just perfect for me. I contacted the coach Mandy Williams who told me that the run will take place with the running group BofA run team and their shop is located just next to the Allan bridge, so really close to the University. The first meeting will be on the 21st of October, so only 3 more days to go. Of course, earlier would have been better for me but at the same time I had time to get ready for their 10k run. I kind of have two phases to pass. The first one was to get fit for the 10k run — I mean who wants to have a poor figure and be done after halfway — exactly: Nobody! And the second one will be the participation in the BofA run team which will make me fit for the half marathon in Barcelona. By the way, this will be my second marathon in Barcelona.

On my way to the starting point at last year’s marathon.

Mission halfway completed

I am proud to say that my phase 1 (getting ready for the 10k run) has been successfully completed. I already notice that I am fitter than before as I go for a run 4 times a week. I feel boisterous, can forget everyday university life and every time I cover the distance in a quicker time it’s such a good feeling. I see it as a personal goal I want to accomplish and recognizing that it works out, makes me feel happy. Everyone needs something in life that can be achieved successfully. Of course, completing uni successfully is also one of my main goals, but I think, in order to be able to do this without too many stress, I need other highlights that show me I can reach my personal goals with the right plan. The best thing about the marathon is that I do something for my health and mind, I will meet new people and I notice that if I really want something, it can be done! No matter what, I put my sneakers on, turn my favourite song on and go for it because the mission has to be fully completed!

Be forward thinking!


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