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Give Fun A Go!

As a recovering anti-socialite, I did not expect that getting sweaty with a bunch of strangers would be the highlight of my week. Nor did I foresee becoming a real-life robin hood, ready to...


Uni is like running a marathon

Sometimes Uni feels like running a marathon. Students have to deliver constantly high performance and it can happen that we run out of breath because of all the deadlines and assignments. It’s indeed demanding...


Get a BBB or Die Trying

What is a BBB?  My name is Jessica and I’m currently studying for my Masters at The University of Stirling, and lucky for me it is a joint degree which means I get to...


Workout with a Ballerina

  “If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it”  – Isadora Duncan The American dancer that can truly inspire you if you own a dancer’s soul...


Get moving to manage your stress!

Once again is that time of the year when assignments, exams, lectures and group projects take up most of our time. Stress levels increase and many students don’t know how to manage them properly....


5 Ways to Overcome the Autumn Blues

The colourful leaves are dancing in the wind, they rustle with every step and a light breeze makes you shiver: autumn is (finally) coming! With the falling leaves there comes wetness, coldness and a...

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