5 Ways to Overcome the Autumn Blues

The colourful leaves are dancing in the wind, they rustle with every step and a light breeze makes you shiver: autumn is (finally) coming! With the falling leaves there comes wetness, coldness and a change in our daily routine and behaviour. We usually tend to have less energy, little exercises become more difficult and the foggy darkness casts a cloud over our mood and encourages us to shut ourselves away. For the upcoming months food delivery services, our bed and Netflix turn out to be our new best friends. The autumn blues totally has us under control. But who says we cannot enjoy, take advantage of and stay fit and healthy during this season as well?! Here are five ways to overcome the autumn blues.


1. Add colour to your life!

Let’s start easy: Trick your brain and oppose the overcast sky by integrating autumnal and bright colours like red, orange and yellow into your daily life and closet. The lack of sunlight is one of the main factors why people tend to feel worse, sad and depressed during the autumn and winter months. Start redecorating your room by arranging colourful pillows, blankets and flowers and you’ll see your mood brighten up.

Brighten up your mood by integrating more colours into your daily life. Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash.

Being surrounded by specific bright colours day by day has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing and your body: Each has its own energy and wavelength and thus, a different influence on your body. While red represents and encourages energy as well as vitality, yellow stands for light, optimism and happiness and can ease depression, moodiness and listlessness.


2. Get active

While it’s been too hot to do sports in summer, it’s definitely too cold and wet now. The ranges of excuses never decrease. But the seasonal change is no excuse for getting lazy. In fact, the lower temperatures are even better for endurance sports like hiking, jogging or biking. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by a beautiful outside setting. To avoid a cold, muscles tensions or pulled muscles, don’t forget to wear warm training clothes and to extend your warm-up up to 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to extend your warm-up and wear warm clothes. Photo taken from pexels.com (under CC0 license)

You still think it’s definitely too chilly for outdoor sports? You have problems in motivating yourself? Call a friend and take advantage of the University’s sports facilities together. There, you don’t have to stick to the gym solely. Sign up for various sports classes and try something new every week! What about Zumba for example? The Latin American vibes could definitely bring back a taste of summer and you could easily shake your autumn blues off. Whatever you decide to do: Get up and get active!


3. Keep an eye on your diet

The lack of sunlight can influence your mood and driving power but also your diet has an effect on you. You need food that makes you happy, is healthy and gives you enough energy for your day. Due to the lack of sunlight in autumn your body produces less serotonin which influences your current mood and has impact on your body as well. Thus, you should have food that supports the production and strengthens your immune system. But hey, sometimes you just need sweetness in your life: Treat yourself and have cheat days as well!

GIF taken from giphy.com


4. Recharge your batteries

While sports and a healthy diet keep your body fit, it’s time to recharge your batteries and take care of your mental wellbeing as well. Stress is the main reason why you might feel exhausted and listless although this feeling might be even supported by the weather outside too. Start your day right by having at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. This will give you enough energy for your day and your upcoming tasks.

Don’t forget to have short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day in which you should clear your mind and relax. Go for a walk on campus or just listen to music. Do you still feel exhausted after a long day at university? Try out a yoga or meditation class! Both will not only help you to calm down, relax and gain new energy, but they have also positive effects on your body.

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5. Do not shut yourself away – have fun!

Okay, we get it: It’s cold, rainy and windy outside and nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the cold. But being alone does not help you to overcome the autumn blues and get active; it rather assists the potentially depressed mood you’re already in. Having recharged your batteries with yoga, meditation and enough sleep, you’re perfectly prepared to have some fun now. So don’t get too comfortable on your couch.

In fact, get up, socialise and engage in fun activities! Just because summer is over, it does not mean that all the fun is over too! There’re plenty activities in autumn as well! Go bowling, make dinner arrangements in a trendy restaurant and have some drinks in a groovy bar afterwards. You don’t want to go outside? Well, invite your friends over for a chilled movie night or organise a games night. Being surrounded by people you like will revive your spirits and contribute to your mental wellbeing. Studies have even shown that socially active people are healthier and live longer than socially passive people. Get together and have fun!

Enjoy the day with your friends. Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash.



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