5 Tips to Survive Flu Season and Boost your Immune System

As temperature starts falling, so does the rain in the UK. The amount of people catching the flu seems to grow exponentially in relevance to the weather development – and that’s all the mathematics you’ll find in this listicle, don’t worry! As I am writing this post, I am battling the left overs of a nasty cold myself and I found it amazing, how many tips to help me recover fast I received during the last weeks. Sharing is caring: let me sum up 5 tips for you to survive flu season and boost your immune system which in the best case may help you to avoid any coughing, sneezing and fevering around.


1 You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it

Although a bubble butt technically does not save you from the flu, working out does help your immune system to become stronger. As this article suggests, scientists found out that immune cells work faster if a person works out regularly and are therefore more effective. The first advice I want to bring forward to you is therefore to check out the Stirling University Sports Center with its diverse offer of group fitness apart from the well equipped gym. There is something for everyone!




2 Eat. Your. Greens!

No news at all. The internet is full of reasons why you should never skip eating a bunch of veggies and fruits every day. But why? Your body is full of cells that make you able to live. Those cells can produce a part of the components that they need to exist themselves, but not all of them. Among those that cannot be produced are a variety of vitamins.

What am I gonna do


Don’t panic now, the solution could not be easier:



That’s right, vitamins are in food. I know, I just blew your mind! However, what’s important is eating diverse and rich in vitamins. So channel your inner chef and get rid of the fastfood! Don’t feel inspired yet? Check out one of the tastiest (pun intended) societies at Stirling University, The Culinary Society and seize the chance to learn about food from all over the world!


3 Treat yourself



I want to stop you right there!

No, chocolate is not what I was talking about (at least not about endless amounts of it 😉). Treat yourself instead with well-being activities. Take care of your body after a wrecking workout and get a curing massage or a remedial therapy. Keeping your mind healthy and your body relaxed is proven to be connected to a strong immune system.


4 To get a flu shot or not to get a flu shot – that is the question

Facts first: by getting a flu shot you get injected a cocktail of weak but functional viruses that theoretically could cause the most likely version of the seasonal flu. That helps your immune system to get familiar with the kind of viruses it may face during flu season and is able to develop antibodies in advance.

Do I recommend it? That is a tough question. I have never gone for it yet although I am eligible for a free shot as I have Asthma. Whether to get the shot or not is a debated topic and the only recommendation I want to give about it is doing some research and weigh the pros and cons for a personal decision. You also might want to talk to the Health Unit at the University of Stirling about the flu shot and even get it there if you decide in favor of getting one.





5 The mum advice…

Clean your hands, make sure you get enough sleep, maybe take a cold shower once in a while. “Thanks mum” is what you are thinking? I mean yes, but mother does know best. Cleaning your hands regularly makes sure you do not spread germs any further. Sleeping enough is a fundamental necessity for our immune system to work properly. Taking the pain and shock of a cold shower increases your immune functionality and even shrinks the muscle ache you get from your suggested work out in point 3. If you do not do so yet, you might want to consider stopping your rebellious anti-mum teenage phase now and start to get strong for flu season 😉

Mother knows best


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