5 Reasons to Join a Dance Class



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First weeks or maybe months of the university can be challenging. You maybe feel alone and overwhelmed. Meeting people is a great reason to join a dance program. By joining a dance class you will have the opportunity to meet people, interact with them and create new friendships. Dance brings people closer, doesn’t it?


Stay Fit

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Dance is the funniest and most enjoyable form of cardio. Good thing about dance is that you can choose the kind of music that represents you the best. If you are a r’n’b genre lover, you can join r’n’b classes. Jazz, pop, salsa and many more, choose it and dance it. Work out while having fun and hearing your favourite music is something that can really keep you motivate exercising.  No more excuses.


No Previous Experience is Needed

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Your body coordination it’s not the best thing that happened to you? It’s normal to feel insecure for your (maybe) almost not existing dance skills, but you are not alone. Unlikely some other team sports, you don’t need to have previous experience to join a dance team. You simply have the choice to start from zero with a beginners group. Joining beginners and moving on with a group of people with the same dancing background to yours will definitely boost your confidence. And when you think you are the worst, trust me you will find out you are not.


Focus on Your Studies

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Yes it’s true! Working out and exercising does’t only help your body but also your brain! Working out will make you focus on your studies easier and will improve your memory. As  ancient Greeks were saying,“healthy mind in healthy body”. Keeping your body healthy by exercising will give you energy and help you focus easier in your studies.  Fun fact? According to the results of a research, students who exercised before an exam had 20% of better results than the ones who didn’t. Are you dancing in your room already?


Express Yourself

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Dancing in a class or your room or even in a club will help you learn how to express yourself. University can be stressful and in many cases it keeps you focused only in one thing, studying. Taking a break in between studying and joining a dance class will reduced your stress and help you show your feelings. Will give you energy and confidence. It will be an escape in your daily pressure. Why don’t you just try?

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