Ultimate Frisbee Is for Me, for You And for Everyone


“You are doing great. Are you sure this is your first time playing?”, the coach says while smiling and these are the only encouraging words I need to hear in order to laugh and enjoy my new challenge. It’s true, Ultimate Frisbee Sport Club is composed by a motivating and positive bunch of people of any age, gender and background. But that was not the only reason that made me want to join their club.


Captured by Alberto Rossi


I always wanted to join a team and be a part of an athletic and fun group. I never had the opportunity to do that, because of my limited experience in team sports. Although, with the new start at the University of Stirling, I decided to join the Frisbee team at the “Give It a Go session that the university organises for all the sport clubs, so the students get the opportunity to try every sport they like.

I have only played Frisbee at the beach back to Greece with my friends and family, something that caused many frisbee losses and physical pain. “You don’t need to have any previous experience”, one of the club members told me while I was signing my name down on the sheet for the practices drowning by my insecurity.


Captured by Alberto Rossi


Few days later I went to the first practice and needless to say, I had the time of my life. The group was very welcoming and after we introduced ourselves and had a short talk, we directly started practicing. The rules are easy to get without any previous sport background or education and the way of instructing makes the time so enjoyable. The coaches are students with an excellent knowledge on the sport and amazing Frisbee skills. During the two hours of practice I had the opportunity to meet a big amount of people, work out and get to love something new, the Ultimate Frisbee club.

Other than the practices on the field the teams are taking a Fitness and Conditioning class in the gym. A good surprise was the Frisbee beginners tournaments all around Scotland for the “new ones”. For the more experienced players there are not only tournaments but competition games that the team plays with other universities. But the team organises many fun activities every week as well. Pub crawls, dress code parties and house gatherings are just few of them.

In the Ultimate Frisbee club you learn how to be in a team, how to respect others, yourself and your body. You meet people, you create friendships. In this sport many backgrounds are working together for one thing because do not forget, Ultimate Frisbee club is for me, for you and for everyone.


Captured by Alberto Rossi


Visit University of Stirling Frisbee club Facebook page.

Photography by Alberto Rossi


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