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Ed’s Stirling Adventure

The University of Stirling is a diverse and multicultural university with staff and students from across the globe. In the spirit of this internationalism, I wanted to attempt something a little bit out-with the...


Give Fun A Go!

As a recovering anti-socialite, I did not expect that getting sweaty with a bunch of strangers would be the highlight of my week. Nor did I foresee becoming a real-life robin hood, ready to...


Workout with a Ballerina

  “If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it”  – Isadora Duncan The American dancer that can truly inspire you if you own a dancer’s soul...


Need Motivation to Workout?

  Then this is the post for you! Together we will get you motivated with these exciting activity opportunities, all brought to you by the Stirling Sports Centre! Coming out of Fresher’s week, the...

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