Workout with a Ballerina


“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it”

 – Isadora Duncan

The American dancer that can truly inspire you if you own a dancer’s soul since she fought for the freedom of dance and the source of inspiration that it consists for any human being.

Just start dancing and you will feel it!

Captured by Nadim Merrikh, Unsplash

Being a Ballerina for more than 15 years I know what struggling for a fit and healthy body means. Now, being a university student, I realized that there is not so much time for that, since courses, readings and a bit of partying consumes most of my time throughout the day.

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So, what I need as a student? No more tough workouts but easier ways to keep fit, healthy, have fun and do something that I love.

Here it comes the hard part!!!

Do you know that feeling “I am not a gym person” or “I am so bored to do weights and cardio exercises”? Oh, that’s me!! I felt exactly that way when I entered the gym even though gym facilities are on excellent quality and expertise. So, what I did to avoid boredom of gym?


Obviously being a ballerina is a matter of who I am, so to tell you the whole truth I couldn’t resist to join university’s Dance Club. They are very well organized and they have various choices for anyone loves dancing and want to be part of a dancing culture.

  • So, if you cannot forget your childhood’s dream to become a dancer, you should never quit of that. Being a dancer is part of your soul even if it is not part of your body anymore.

Captured by Diana Feil, Unsplash

Have the joy of dancing through ‘Dance Club’

You don’t need to be a ‘Ballerina’ or have any kind of expertise and dancing skills. Professional teachers are going to teach you dancing techniques and help you express yourself in a creative and fun way.  Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s classes are taking place in venue and they include ballet, lyrical, hip hop, commercial, tap, jazz and contemporary. Get more information of club’s activities and timetable through Dance Club’s Facebook Page and Student’s Union site and have your first dance class TOMORROW if possible!!

At the same time, a lot of activities are organized by Dance Club:

  • Dance nights at the university as well as city center. This is your chance to meet new people, make new friends, have fun and do what you love the most, DANCE!!

Captured by Mitchell Orr, Unsplash

  • Performances at specific times of the year which are choreographed by the teachers and are adjusted on your specific abilities and skills. Don’t lose the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience.

Captured by Mirza Causevic, Unslash

Dance provides you a sense of unity, and a chance to express yourself while at the same time is an amazing way of exercising, stay fit and healthy, relaxing, having fun, meet new friends and get inspired. Do it now, because even if you can’t say who you are, you can always……….

Captured by Anthony Ginsbrook, Unsplash

………..DANCE IT!


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