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“He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.” – Italian Proverb

The Italian proverb says it all. Health is considered to be the biggest riches a person can have. Being fit and healthy requires dedication, discipline and hardwork. In the walks of life, where a daily routine keeps you busy with your job, family, friends, it has been observed that the obesity, stress, depression and anxiety levels have soared up amongst the present generation. It often becomes difficult to go to gym and many people don’t like working out within four walls.

But there exists a remedy, enjoy while you workout. Sparing 30minutes for the sport you love will bring you back to happy life. Playing sports is not only for fun but has many benefits like team building, carrier, inspiration, positive energy, discipline and helps in building self-esteem and mutual respect. This strengthens the body and promotes good health.

Lets have a look at the benefits:

Healthy Heart:

Playing sports help with stretching ability. Moderate and regular workout makes your heart healthy. Playing sports help the heart in pumping more blood.  Regular physical activity makes the heart stronger.

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Weight Management :

Obesity! It is a big issue faced by millions of people. This issue can be dealt by indulging in loads of physical activities. Healthy body weight directs physical and emotional well being and helps in prevention of diseases. Calories are shred and fat get burnt. People who regularly play sports stay fit and leaner.


Growing up with a healthy diet and lifestyle which includes good balance of diet and exercise is hard to start but once you adopt, it can be life changing. One can focus on bigger achievable goals.

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Stronger Bones:

Playing sports helps maintain bone density. Having a good diet gives your body the nutrients that you need to built strong bones is important for your entire life.

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Team work:

Playing sports helps you build good relationship with people. While at any sport activity you get along with your teammates and socialise. It helps you achieve your and your team goals by working together with people from different backgrounds. You learn, share and evolve into a different person, a happy person which you have been missing out while being a couch potato.

Team it up !

Goal setting:

It is important to set goals in your life. In this highly competitive world an action plan is necessary to make the best out of your time. Sports help you set goals, makes you responsible and teaches you the importance of planning and organising things.

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