5 Ways to be a Stirling Fitty on Instagram

We’re all guilty of it. Following those Instagram fitness/ healthy living pages, in the hope of gaining motivation to get fit and lead exciting healthy lifestyles. Whilst some of us may be blessed with toned bodies and a proactive work-out ethic, the rest of us are hungry (literally all the time) for a taste of that Insta-fitness life that we can’t be bothered to put in effort for.

However, keeping with this current trend, here are 5 ways to begin building your Instagram into a #StirFitty profile, without too much of the fitness part.

1. #StirLochFitty

As one of Stirling University’s main attractions, the loch is centred at the heart of campus and is subject to many an Instagram post, guaranteed to get those ‘likes’ soaring. It’s not difficult to find the perfect angle around the university loch because it truly is beautiful from all sides, come rain or shine. Take an hour out of your day to stroll around the loch, taking in its picturesque scenery- beautiful even without Instagram filters. 50 photos later, it’s a difficult choice as to which to post on Instagram but rest assured, any will attract people to your profile. Not only will you have bagged yourself a stunning photo, but also completed your daily walk.

According to research by the NHS:

“walking is simple, free, and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier”


Stirling Loch in the evening– by Shireen Mardani

Stirling Loch on a sunny day– by Shireen Mardani













2. #StirgymFitty

Everyone loves a good gym selfie don’t they? So, lets show off a bit and prove to everyone how fit and healthy you are by joining the Stirling University Gym. Whether you’re there to beat your record on the treadmill, or to just take things easy on the cross-trainer, get those muscles flexing for a cheeky selfie in the wall-to-wall mirrors. Not only will you be joining the current Instagram fitness trend but actually motivating yourself to do some exercise in the process.

If getting sweaty in the gym isn’t for you however, why not join an individual fitness class at Stirling University Sports Centre instead? Shake those hips at Zumba, get those legs going in Spin class- make friends and don’t take yourself too seriously. With plenty of ‘just for fun’ Instagram selfie opportunities, what’s not to like? Who knows, you may even enjoy the active part!

Source: Unsplash.com


3. #DumyatFitty

As the saying goes, “you aren’t a Stirling university student unless you’ve climbed the Dumyat hill”- although, admittedly it takes a little more effort than a walk up a regular hill. On your way, there are plenty of Instagraming photo opportunities, being surrounded by sheep, greenery and breath taking hillsides. Why not even record your adventure on Instagram Live and let others follow you up the hill, as far as your data signal will reach. With a path leading from the campus, there’s really no excuse not to go.

Recommended on a mild-sunny day and for the best experience, go with a group of friends who will motivate you through those steeper parts of the hill. At a normal/strolling pace, it usually takes 2 hours to climb to the top which, let’s be honest, sounds daunting but if you want that unbeatable hill top selfie, you’ve got to push through. The end result will be extremely rewarding.

At the top of Dumyat– by Shireen Mardani

4. #StiringGolfFitty

It’s not often that you come across a university with its very own golf course on its campus, so why not make the most of it in Stirling. Whilst you might not be a golfing champion, the par 3 course is a great way to let loose with friends, doing something a little different that doesn’t involve sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee and eating cakes all day. With only 9 holes, it’s a perfect size for amateur golfers with little or no experience at all. Supplied with golf clubs and golf balls, strike a pose and swing for the likes on your next Instagram post.

Source: Giphy.com

5. #StirWoodsFitty

Amongst the hustle and bustle of busy student life, it’s important to remember to take some time to yourself. It’s surprising how quickly the challenges of university life can sneak up on students and some days will admittedly be harder than others. On these days, you should visit “your campus spot”. Ideally, you should pick a spot outside, perhaps in the woodland area of campus- somewhere you can sit for a while. Whilst you might be thinking, ‘I would rather just laze around in my onesie’, there’s no worse feeling that admitting to yourself that you’ve wasted a day away in bed doing nothing. Sure, allow yourself to take days off, but by spending 15-20 minutes outdoors in your “spot”, you will feel the benefit of fresh air, serenity and peace. Go ahead, take a quick snap of your new favourite place, but in this time give your attention to something other than your mobile. Instagram can wait…well for the next 20 minutes at least.

My Campus Spot-  by Shireen Mardani


Now that you know the steps, keep us updated on how your Instagram is progressing by firstly using the #StirFitty tag. Good Luck!

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