Reasons to Dive Into the Pool Today

Take a dip and immediately feel the benefits of a good swim

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Break the routine and change your training with another sport that will benefit your body and mind. Swimming trains all your muscles plus those, which we ignore but need workout too. No need to train as hard a Michael Phelps but when you read the benefits of swimming you will be down by the pool in a heartbeat.


Become Smarter

A study conducted in the University of Western Australia School of sports Sciences, showed that immersing the body in the water increases blood flow through the brain’s cerebral arteries, which improves vascular health. We could argue that if you start swimming this week you have more chances of passing exams and handing in perfect papers. Maybe this is too exaggerated but still its proven that swimming is good for your brain.

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Become Stress-Free

Are you an over thinker?  When on a peaceful walk, do thoughts bombard you? Maybe you even try to solve global issues right when you need to sleep. Either gliding through the water or swimming fast will make you release all the stress and forget about the 1,000 things you need to do.

Field work conducted by specialists showed that 70% of those surveyed agreed that swimming makes them feel mentally refreshed. Being in the water reduces sensory information that you brain sends to your body allowing you to feel relaxed.

It sounds like a swim after a busy day is the perfect thing to do to have a good sleep and be recharged for the next day.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels


Become a Better Athlete

Swimming trains you how to effectively take in oxygen to breathe in a good pace. A study showed that swimmers who followed a specific breathing technique improved their running economy (energy demanded) by 6%.

All muscles are used when swimming so you can use the pool as another way for training muscles need in another sport you may be doing. You know how it is harder to run in the sand than in pavement? Well the same is when you exercise on water versus on land as you are working 30 minutes harder.

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Source: Pexels


Become more energized

When we sleep in we still feel tiered this is the same as when you are inactive for a long period of time, you lose energy. Inactivity results on lack of energy causing you to feel tiered when you have stayed home the whole day. You can become a productive person by just swimming 30-45 minutes three times per week. This will boost your energy enough to manage work and social life daily and increase your metabolism.

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Ready to make a change and benefit from the rewards swimming can give you? Then check out when you can swim this week at the University of Stirling.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do ~ C.G. Jung


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