5 reasons why doing sports once a day keeps the doctor away

Not an apple a day, NO doing sports, keeps the doctor away!

There is this saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but, honestly, do you follow this advice and nevertheless get ill or have complaints? Then, I strongly advise you to look carefully at the 5 reasons below that explain why doing sports once a day, definitely keeps the doctor away.

  1. Sports promotes muscle-build up. Muscles do not only ensure body stability, they also distribute messaging substances which are important for an efficient working immune system. Means, the more you do sports and attach value to daily exercise, the better your muscle growth and immune system work and the less you will get ill. A well-functioning immune system is the key to health and since we daily are exposed to many agents that cause diseases, the best you can do, is to strengthen it.

There are several exercises that promoto muscle build-up. Try something new.

  1. Sports reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Doing sports expands the blood vessels and strengthens the heart. According to heart specialists, already one hour a week of endurance sports can halve the risk of getting heart diseases. So, try to take the bicycle instead of the bus!

Driving bicycle boosts your fitness and you can get to know new places easily.

  1. Doing sports once a day contributes to an agile mind. In other words, it simply helps to relax from everyday life and to forget about the workload you have to master. It is proven that doing exercise can dissolve grief and mental stress. So, why not being active in sports instead of going to a therapist? You will not only consume less money but also nerves.

Yoga will help you beat stress. Be in harmony with yourself.

  1. Sports rebuilds brain cells being damaged through alcohol consumption. Studying is at some point also connected with partying. If you like to have one over the eight but also want to achieve good marks, remember that doings sports, e.g. jogging, can limit the destruction of brain cells. That does of course not mean that practising sports once a day gives the go-ahead for drinking alcohol to a great extent. However, the produced damage to your brain cells can become smaller. And why is that? Researchers found out that sports protects and repairs the white matter in the brain which is responsible for the ability to think. And some very good news for all the students: Sports improves also memory capacity and self-control.

Try to go for a run or even a walk. You will see afterwards you feel better.

  1. Cancer likes overweight, but it does not like sports. If you practice sports regularly, then you reduce the risk of getting cancer because sports makes not only unwanted fat pads melt, it also has a positive influence on your body as a whole. As per German Cancer Research Centre, 14 percent of all cancer cases among men, and 16 percent among women, are related to physical inactivity. So, if you feel like having a few kilos too many on the scale, vanquish your inner temptation, and try to do sports at least some minutes once a day!

Every beginning is hard. But practice makes perfect.

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