5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Daily Productivity


We will show you five ways how to improve your productivity

Nowadays, more students than ever feel they are under pressure to get good grades, struggle to concentrate and complain about not being able to focus on their work and therefore being productive. Although universities try to help their students and usually provide a broad supply of sports activities and mental help, students still might not take advantage of those offerings.

Here are 5 simple ways how you can improve your inner and outer self, feel better mentally and physically, and be able to boost your productivity!


1. Take a deep breath in …

… but don’t forget to breathe out! According to a study conducted by scholars from the  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, breathing has an essential impact on your mental health and concentration. We tend to breath short and shallow, especially when we are under pressure or stress. To avoid that, try to focus on your breathing every twenty minutes and get it back in a smooth, deep rhythm. By closing your eyes, you’ll be able to focus on your upcoming task. So easy, but so effective! Try it and be surprised by the power of deep inhalation!



2. Sweet Dreams!

Get enough sleep! Yes, although you might be in a hurry to complete assignments, we recommend taking time out for some good sleep. As the Dalai Lama once said: ‘Sleep is the best mediation.’ Try to sleep for at least 7,5 hours, and your mind will thank you with fresh and bright thoughts in the morning. Also, go to bed early, since our body functions in tune with the rise and setting of the sun.



3. ‘Move your Body!’

As the refrain of the popular 90’s band Eiffel 65 already suggested in 1999, it’s all about moving your body and your mind! And scientists agree on the importance of movement for your mental health, too. Nowadays, we spent most of our time sitting, especially in front of displays and whom to blame that we all get tired? It’s crucial to stand up and move around every once in a while (we would not recommend every ten minutes, but at least every second hour), so the blood can run through your body and brain. Take a break, go outside and breathe some fresh air (you can combine that perfectly with your breathing exercise from No. 1).  A walk around the University’s beautiful Airthrey Loch takes you just 15 minutes, but you’ll feel wholly changed afterwards!



4. Stretch out and relaaax

Yes, time might be running, and you might think you are in a moderate crisis, but never underestimate the effect of some stretching or yoga! There are some natural exercises you don’t need any sports clothes for, just some space to move. It doesn’t only help increase your blood circulation but also relieves you from stress and helps you to focus and concentrate again. And don’t mind the looks of the others, in fact, they just would love to join your exercises, too.

https://media.giphy.com/media/CQDmX 4bCoJTNK/giphy.gif


5. Do Sports regularly

The best way to keep your body and mind perfectly balanced is to exercise on a regular basis. And while you learn how to focus your mind on achieving a specific aim in sports, you’ll apply those techniques for your study as well, as scholars have highlighted in the past. The University of Stirling offers a broad variety of sports activities and classes for every liking: Dancing and yoga classes, hiking and climbing excursions or even swimming lessons at the National Swimming Academy. You can exercise on your own or join a group of other students. So, what’s your excuse?


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