5 Ways to Make a Healthier Choice This Week

Being a student can be demanding. Trying to juggle course work with exams, exercising and socialising among many other things can take a strain on your time and energy. However by making a few healthier choices this week, with the help of The University of Stirling you could utilise your time in a constructive way to improve your mental and physical health, whilst having fun at the same time.



  • 1) Active Travel – Instead of driving or taking the bus to uni, why don’t you walk or cycle? Getting that bit of fresh air in the morning will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead both inside the lecture theatre and out. If you didn’t bring your bike to Stirling have a look at the popular bike sharing service Next Bike, where you can easily rent a bike and drop it off when you’re finished at any Next Bike station in the city centre or even at the University where there are stations at Cotrell, Willowcourt and Alexandercourt.



  • 2) Spin Class – put those cycling skills to the test and take part in a cycling spin class. This intense but very rewarding class runs every day at the University of Stirling Sport’s Centre. It follows an interval program, meaning you will burn fat and improve your fitness fast. For those who are time poor, Spin has the potential to burn over 500 calories in a 40-minute session, and with the lively instructors and upbeat music it can be a lot of fun.



  • 3) Aquacise/ Aquajog – For those waterbabies who love the pool why don’t you attend a pool based exercise class this week. These are great classes that run at the campus pool four days a week. One great plus when exercising in the water is the protection it offers for your joints, which is great for anyone carrying minor injuries or suffering from arthiritis. See a list of class times here.



  • 4) Yoga – Feeling stressed? A good way to care for your mental and physical health at the same time is through Yoga. It can work as a very effective stress buster through breathing and relaxation techniques as well as improving your flexibility and posture. Why not try Yogalates if you’re feeling extra adventurous – a cross between Yoga and Pilates. Classes run five days a week, for more information click here.



  • 5) Reducing those cravings – Finally, you may crave that chocolate bar or packet of crisps (or 3) to keep you going in the library, but always try to make the healthier choice to keep your brain sharper and to fill your body with nutrients. Bring fruit or cut up vegetables with you for snacks, cut down on your caffeine intake and always choose whole wheat over white flour products. The Sports Centre Cafe offers a range of delicious and healthy products for before or after your workout to keep you going such as over-night oats, fruit pots, build your own super food salad box, fresh soups and a deli bar.


Don’t forget that whilst using sport and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, that it is also about having fun. If you find that you’re not enjoying a class or liking a certain exercise then that’s okay, there are plenty more classes and activities to choose from at The University of Stirling Sport’s Centre. A full list of classes and facilities are available here.


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