4 “Gym Free” Ways to Keep Your Body Sexy and Sane

At the age of 15 I measured a lofty five feet, five inches and weighed no more than 50 kg . At this tender age I also found out that the level of my blood cholesterol was equivalent to that of an 80 year old grandma suffering from cardio vascular disease.

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Long story short, I gave my obscenely unhealthy diet a 180 degree spin and embarked on a rigorous gym routine to salvage what I could of my deteriorating health. Thankfully, in two months’ time, my condition stabilized and my gym transformation was evident to everyone:


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Now, nine years later, I try to maintain this healthy lifestyle. I mean, between moving far away from my family, adjusting to a totally new culture and diving head first into Master’s life, let’s just say my brain needs all the endorphins it can get!

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Just one problem: my passion for iron pumping has completely faded! So, I decided to sniff around the University of Stirling Sport Centre to find some alternative activities that would keep my interest and keep me fit. I must say: I was not one bit disappointed!

Here are four activities I discovered there, perfect for keeping yourself sexy and sane – without having to hit the gym!



Ancient yogis thought that each person was granted a specific number of breaths per life span. Hence, it was only sensible to “savour” each aspiration and exhalation. While this can’t be scientifically proven, the physical benefits of yoga are certain: better mind control, a sense of serenity, stronger joints, enhanced cardiovascular function and even improved relationships! What’s not to want there?




Did you know that swimming makes you smarter? Yes! All of that blood/oxygen circulation and endorphin releasing goes a long way! So smash brakes on the Ginkgo and just go take a swim! You’ll also strengthen your bones, tone those muscles and give your metabolism a special boost. The same goes for Aqua aerobics-  and you don’t even have to worry about straining your joints!


Also, for a deeper appreciation of swimming, why not try scuba diving? (You see what I did there?) You will not regret it!



Robin Hood, Legolas and Green Arrow are impeccable personifications of archery’s numerous benefits: from strength building, upper body development and improved focus to calmed nerves and even higher self-esteem levels. (And come on, who doesn’t look super ‘hott’ arching a bow?)


So give it a shot! (See what I did there again?) I mean, someone has to take over when Cupid grows up. Plus, your body will thank you… “Bigly!”




Whether you’re too lazy for running (like me) or just aren’t physically capable of doing so right now, there’s good news for you: Walking can be just as effective. It’s great for fat burning, immune system boosting and of course, happy hormone pumping!


Want to take it up a notch? Try jogging! If self-motivation is an issue, consider joining the Walking or Jogging Groups. There’s no better way to discover the hidden nooks and crannies of the city while avoiding a monotonous exercise routine. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!


Of course, there are so many other activities to choose from at University of Stirling’s Sport Centre that would appeal to persons of any age or fitness level and sessions are open to the public. So why not go exploring a bit yourself and give at least one activity a try?

Sure, it may be challenging at first but don’t give up! If ever you feel like abandoning the path to sexiness and sanity just focus, take a deep breath, stretch it out and as one of my favourite role models always used to say: “Keep Walking” (Johnnie Walker, since 1820).  It will definitely be worth your while!



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