5 Easy Ways to Be a Healthier Couch Potato

Even though some of us have a natural love for sports, healthy eating and exercise, others are not as lucky and have to put quite a lot of effort into staying healthy. Our bed is our favourite retreat and even someone mentioning the word gym may make us break out in a cold sweat . But from one couch potato to another: here are a few ways to be healthier without sacrificing too much of your comfort.

1. Bike to uni

Murillo de Paula / unsplash.com

We all know how tempting it is to get on the bus which conveniently drops you off right at your university’s doorstep – or you’re maybe even lucky enough to own a car. But taking the bike to uni will make you exercise while also lowering your stress levels – you’ll no longer have to rely on bus schedules or finding a car park. You will also save money on bus fares or petrol – a win-win that’s perfect for the student budget!

2. Stay hydrated

Benjamin Voros / unsplash.com

Drinking water isn’t always easy, especially if you have a sugary soft drink or coffee calling your name from the other side of the kitchen! Having a coffee break every now and again will help you stay awake during intense study sessions, but do try and keep a bottle of water beside you as well. Drinking enough water has a huge impact on your health and can even improve your brain function (now that’s definitely motivating!). If water is too bland for you, try adding some lemon juice or a fruit infuser for an exciting twist.

3.  Sleep more

Jordan Whitt / unsplash.com

Ok, so the bad news is you are not supposed to stay in bed all day. Try and get up early and use up your energy during the day so you don’t end up tossing and turning in your bed at night. Not sleeping enough can make us sick and have a negative impact on our productivity – so make sure you get a decent rest at night!


4. Choose a sport you actually enjoy

Cristian Álvarez / unsplash.com

Not every gym class will leave your legs aching with pain. If you’re looking for something a bit less intense and more relaxing why not try something like swimming, yoga or pilates? Even though all of these are excellent workouts, their slow pace makes them a lot more attractive for beginners and are far less intimidating than a high-intensity gym class. But by all means, give that a go too if you’re brave enough!

5. Get your walking boots on

Don Ross III / unsplash.com

Now, you may think that walking doesn’t really count as exercise, but it is – and it is definitely great for your health. The positive effects a good walk can have on your mind and body are often underestimated. If the idea of working out at the gym makes you want crawl back into bed, just get out of the house! It doesn’t have to be a four-hour hike every week – a stroll around the loch or walk to uni is sometimes all it takes. So get those shoes on and enoy!

Title image: Paweł Kadysz / www.tookapic.com

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