Screen Cap from BBC’s ‘Poldark’ staring Aiden Turner, image from: Daily Mail

1. Pecks like Poldark

Every woman’s dream man at the moment seems to be Poldark, played by Aiden Turner. And it seems the best way to get that Aiden Turner look is to focus on your core, whilst that may seem daunting, Men’s Health broke it down for us. Essentially here at Stirling University you could opt to do a combo of Strength and Conditioning and then use the gym, for most of those sexy Poldark moves. Throwing in some time in the cycling studio will mean you’ll be well on the way to looking hot like Poldark. If you fancy something a little more involved, you could get some team mates. Perhaps take a look at some of the many societies Stirling Uni has to offer. Poldark was a soldier, so maybe fencing to get your swashbuckling self clashing swords with Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. Poldark would have been lifting wounded soldiers and barrels of gun powder around the battlefield, so maybe join the power lifting society to help you get those Poldark mussels. Poldark on TV has shown just how handsome he is on horseback, maybe the polo society will help you learn to do battle from the back of a horse!  And finally, maybe, the rowing society can help you with that Poldark Peck, because to row requires building mussels in the back, arms, stomach and chest. This should help you, get those Poldark Pecks in a way that would have been similar how the fictional character Poldark would have got his.

2. Making fitness fun with Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron filming the movie ‘Aeon Flux’ (2005)

Ms. Theron is a heroine of the silver screen, and with a top-notch healthy bod, we wondered what she does to keep in shape. She spoke to Hello Magazine, and revealed that it doesn’t matter if you’re good at sports, as long as you enjoy yourself. Charlize Theron admitted in the interview to being no good at Tennis but enjoyed playing, so maybe the Tennis club at Stirling is for you? If you don’t think you’re quite club material yet, maybe you could get some tennis lessons to improve, before joining. Theron also does 90 minutes of power-yoga a week, Stirling Uni has Yoga Classes. With all the stress of studying, even if you’re not aiming for the Theron look, you can certainly find a place to unwind and stay ‘balanced’.

3. Eat like Neymar

Image from: NeymarJnr.Net

All this training will probably make you hungry, so you’ll need some food to boost your energy levels. But to get the most energy, you’ll need a very healthy full of goodness diet, why not try super-fit, Brazillian footballer Neymar’s diet, the diet regime is freely available online. However, you’ll probably need to work your way towards it. Why not speak to one of the Lifestyle and Fitness team at University of Stirling, you’ll need to be a Sports Centre member, but that should not only help you achieve your goal of looking great, but also of feeling good from head to toe! And don’t forget you can also get exercising with the use of a Personal Trainer – this service, provided by Stirling Uni, should help to tailor the fitness and diet regime to your specific needs and physiology.


4. Abs with Jessica Ennis-Hill

Maybe you don’t think Tennis and Yoga are for you, maybe you’d like to push yourself further. You need not look any further then, than Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill, the heptathlon gold-winner at the London 2012 Olympic games (to name just one particular event!). The Heptathlon is a track-and-field event, so maybe joining the athletics society is the way to go to help get those amazing Ennis-Hill abs. One could argue the [semi-]half-way point for you could be the triathlon society? There are seven events in the Heptathlon, so you might like to pick seven sporting societies, one for each day, if you intend on getting super-fit. You could try out some of the many Classes and Lessons available the Uni.




5. Let Us Know

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Coming Soon: 7 Days, 3 Steps in a very simple daily exercise regime, with Ed Thomas…


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