A society Gene Kelly would joined to avoid a cold


Who has never danced Singing in the rain in a rainy day with his friends? Scotland offers you the opportunity to do it almost everyday, however, probably, the last thing you want during your semester is get a cold, so here you have an idea for those days you want to shake your body.

In Cultural Arts Exchange Society you have the chance to meet people and share different cultures among the members. Indeed, people are forced to dance salsa and bachata with strangers, that is the best way to get to know each other and have fun.

The president of the society, Nikolas Theodosiou, tries to explain to me the added value of this society while we enjoy a lovely meal.

It is a very diverse society, not just because of the people but also because of the activities”.

The most popular activity offered is Salsa and Bachata lessons, but they also host activities such as Ice Skating, trips to Latin Clubs, parties and International Dinners.


The number of active members ranges from about 20 people in Autumn to 30 in Spring, most of them are studying masters or on erasmus exchange, however as he says, everyone is welcome. The lessons are suitable for beginners, easing everyone into the basic steps of this sensual dance and giving a chance to improve every Thursday.

This physical contact during the lessons is the facilitator for communication, there is no chance to be shy. Everyone can suggest activities from their native countries to share with the society. Last year, members of the society taught martial arts like capoeira and aikido, according to Nikolas, it was really nice to see how members who do not lead the committee can still shape and get involved in the society.

Cultural Arts Exchange Society is the right fit for anyone who loves to travel and experience new cultures. Every Thursday at 18:30 the society offers an opportunity to dance and have a good time with people from all over the world. Anyone can join the society through the Students Union office or online in the Students Union webpage. Next events and more information is available on Facebook page


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