International Society – Collect moments, discover Scotland & meet people from abroad

Do you want… not only attend lectures and study books, but also experience international atmosphere, meet people from all over the world, and make new friendships during cozy evenings in pubs or during exciting trips through Scotland? Then, you are exactly right in the International Society!

In the International Society at the University of Stirling you’ll get the chance to get to know foreign cultures when meeting people from different countries. This offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizon, to improve your language skills and to make networking contacts, from which you can still benefit after your graduation. Our members are from countries all around the world which makes our atmosphere open-minded and unique. You can learn a lot about other countries and their customs and you can in turn share your home country culture with others and hereby also improve your soft skills.

Besides that, the International Society organizes various trips, whereby you’ll get the opportunity to explore the most beautiful places in Scotland.

An overview of some of our Events and Trips:

• International Pub Quiz: Meeting new people in a vibrant atmosphere and testing your knowledge on a variety of subjects

• International Cultural Food Night: Everyone brings along something to eat and share, a national or regional dish from your home place and share exotic recipes with other members

• Trip to St.Andrews: A trip to the charming and romantic town at the beach, where Kate met Prince William

• Glasgow Walking Tour and Afternoon Tea: A walking tour through Glasgow followed by a cozy afternoon of High Tea

• 3-day Highlands Trip: An absolute must when you are in Scotland is to visit the Highlands – the impressive landscape in the heart of Scotland

With a membership in the International Society, you will experience vibrant, exciting and inspiring moments that will enrich your study time in Stirling!


How to become a member:

You can sign up either online or head over to the Students Union Office in the University (open at Monday-Friday 9am – 5 pm). To find further information about the International Society and to make sure you don’t miss an event, check out our Facebook page.

We look forward to welcome you in our Society!

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