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Debating Society: An interview

The Debating Society at University of Stirling is open to anyone with an interest in current affairs from our society, such as politics and economy. A combination of light-hearted get-togethers on a weekly basis, debating competitions and various activities throughout...


Theta Alpha – Go Greek or Go Home

“What is a fraternity?”. It’s kind of an alien concept to anyone outside of the USA and a question that every member of Theta Alpha has been asked several times. A staple in colleges throughout the USA, fraternities are all-male...


Submerge into a new world

Did you ever dream about visiting another world? Mars or the Moon are still quite hard to reach for the average person, but what if I told you there is a new world, that’s not so hard to access and...


Theta Alpha – Work Hard, Play Hard

What is a fraternity? A staple in colleges throughout the USA, fraternities are social organisations that bring men together in a secret circle of brotherhood. They are bound by traditions including Greek letters and ceremonies that make them brothers for...


Never Too Old for Disney

Flying on a magical carpet with Aladdin, going on an adventure with the Little Mermaid, or finding Nemo sounds so much more appealing than reading academic texts in the library. University life can be quite stressful. Being social sometimes comes...

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