Theta Alpha – Work Hard, Play Hard

What is a fraternity?

A staple in colleges throughout the USA, fraternities are social organisations that bring men together in a secret circle of brotherhood. They are bound by traditions including Greek letters and ceremonies that make them brothers for life, not just at university.

Why bring it to Scotland?

Fraternities have been prominent in America for hundreds of years now and have proved beneficial to those that have joined. It was important not to directly copy the American format in Scotland, as that just wouldn’t work. Instead, Theta Alpha is a Scottish fraternity with values that fit in with the Scottish lifestyle. This, and the low membership cost, rules out elitism that is rife in American fraternities. Instead, it can just be about a group of guys coming together.

It has drawn together people from all sorts of backgrounds and people with different interests – from working class Scots to international students, Clansmen to Brig writers. Uniting such a diverse group can only be a good thing, especially in such divisive times.

But what about all the bad stuff in the movies?

One thing people always seem concerned about is the negative stereotypes that surround fraternities. Films paint fraternities out as being exclusively about drinking, debauchery and hazing which, in my experience, is not how it actually is. While Theta Alpha hosts fundraising parties, the fraternity is about so much more than that.

Theta Alpha likes to turn some of the negative stereotypes of fraternities on their head. One of the famous clichés is the ‘toga party’. We hosted one recently, complete with a beer pong table, and raised over £120 which is being used to buy food for homeless people in Scotland.

How do I join?

If the Theta Alpha fraternity sounds like the society for you, you can find out more on their Instagram and Facebook pages where you can also drop them a message to talk to them about getting involved. You can also find out more at the Greek System Society page on the Students’ Union website, which is the society banner that draws the fraternity and sorority on campus together.

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