Ailsa Harvey


Lacrosse is a team sport, played with a lacrosse stick and ball. The aim of the game is to score the most points by shooting the ball into the goal. Players pass the ball from stick to stick, catching it in the top of the stick. The lacrosse sticks are called crosses, and are sharply bent at the top to form a hook. A pocket is formed at the top in order to handle the ball.

The sports four varieties (field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse) all have different rules and equipment. While the men’s games and the field and box lacrosse are contact sports and require more protective gear, the women’s game does not allow body contact. Intercrosse is a mixed-gender variety and uses a much softer ball.

Did you know…
-Lacrosse is the fastest game to be played on two feet in the world!
-At one point in history lacrosse was considered the most commonly played team sport in North America. It is thought to have been a cultural tradition among indigenous north Americans, who used it to solve disputes, heal people, prepare for war and for spiritual development.
– The traditional aboriginal Canadian version of lacrosse involved teams of around 100-1,000 men on a field stretching 500m -3km long. These games lasted 3 days straight!
– American indoor lacrosse player Zack Dorn shot a record breaking 116 mile per hour shot, achieveing the world’s fastest lacrosse shot.

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