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Muay Thai boxing is known to be a very intense and often brutal fighting sport. But it is much more than that, and there is no need to get into a real fight scenario when joining the University of Stirling Muay Thai Boxing club. This sport will give you a comprehensive fitness programme and it also helps you to work on your personality. Working on your techniques, being in control of your body and movements, and training with full contact will boost your self-confidence. Moreover, it will improve your ability to focus. Besides the attacking techniques, you will also learn how to defend yourself during the sport and also in case of a real fight.


Muay Thai Boxing or also known as Thai Boxing is a full contact fighting sport. It includes the usage of fists, elbows, knees and shins. Due to these eight contact points, the sport is also called “The Art of Eight Limbs”. As the name suggests, it is the national sport of Thailand since the 18th century.


The members of the club meet from Monday to Friday from 3-5 pm in the gym in studio 1. There is no need to show up every day, but you are welcomed whenever you have time and motivation. On Fridays only experienced boxers meet for sparring and sparring techniques. The other days everyone, from newbie to senior boxers, can join the training sessions.

If you are ready to try Muay Thai boxing or need further information please check out the Facebook, Instagram or University webpage.

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